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Believe it or not, I don’t spend all of my waking hours thinking about Zero Calvin. And it is evident by the 10 year gap (and counting) that I don’t spend all of my waking hours writing the sequels. This is a collection of my other ideas, writings, and instructive articles.

New Book Available: Two Calvin

Two CalvinGood news everyone: Two Calvin, the next book in the Zero Calvin series, is now released! Available now in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Google Play.

If you are a fan of the Zero Calvin series, you don’t want to miss this one, which is being called the best Zero Calvin book yet.

Buy now on Amazon!

Here is the summary:

In this third Zero Calvin novel, Calvin and Tarpa move to Evionia to bring the Ariel system to its inhabitants. But Calvin’s life is never so straightforward. Not only must he contend with the day-to-day challenge of being a business owner, but he also finds himself in the middle of a potential war between his new home city and their technophobic neighbors to the west.

Meanwhile, Bobford3 assembles a new crew of three talented but eccentric scientists to help him with his latest idea, one that will prove to revolutionize the world if it does not end it first.

New book available: “What the Luck?”

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, What the Luck?, currently available only on Kindle.

Here is the summary:

Bill Brabham, a recently unemployed financial manager from Houston, is down on his luck. He is not even sure what that means, but he hopes that he will be “up” on his luck sometime soon. When he travels to Japan in search of work, he gets his wish and becomes amazingly lucky, and his life turns into a string of strange coincidences and fortunate events.

However, nature always seeks a balance, and it becomes apparent that his good luck is coming at the expense of those around him. Not even little old ladies are safe in his presence.

That is, until he meets another man with the same strange luck, and together they explore their power and learn to control it. Of course, it is only a matter of time before they decide to use their power to become superheroes. And when they eventually find themselves in the middle of a plot that could destroy much of Tokyo, all they can do is hope that their luck will not run out.

And after you’ve picked this up, don’t forget to check out all the bonus pictures and video for the book, organized by chapter.

The Origins of Ecchi

Foreign words are great. Sometimes we use them to soften or obscure the meaning of a traditionally vulgar or taboo word or subject. Other times they are used to add a certain flare to a subject, or to form a slightly different connotation than that of its literal interpretation. It seems that both the Japanese and the Americans, or at least a small otaku (nerd / anime and manga super enthusiast) subculture thereof, have been doing this with each others’ words and in some cases the words gets passed back and forth. Continue reading

Cramer’s Guide to Visiting Japan

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Japan twice so far – once in 2007 and then again in 2008, both times with my friend Ryan. The following are my closing thoughts on our second trip as well as a few tips to anyone who wants to try visiting Japan for themselves. These are based on my experiences mainly in Tokyo and not necessarily Japan as a whole, so it is akin to judging all of America based on a visit to New York City. Still, I think my impression of Japan would be similar regardless of where I had gone. Continue reading

Cramer’s Special (Education) Theory of Gravity

Albert Einstein created the General Theory of Relativity to explain and mathematically model gravity. As he was finishing it, he had an oh-shit moment and realized it wouldn’t balance out properly unless he shoved in an arbitrary number that he called the Cosmological Constant. Without this number, his theory would show that the universe was expanding instead of being static. Years later, physical evidence was obtained that the universe was, indeed, expanding. This evidence was the “red shift” – the color shift towards the red of the returning radiation from distant stars in comparison to closer stars. This shift is due to the Doppler Effect. This is the same effect that causes an ambulance’s siren to sound differently to us when it is coming at us than when it is traveling away from us. Eventually, Einstein acknowledged his mistake and removed the constant. The funny thing about this is that he was originally right, but then a simple assumption of the way the world worked did him in. Continue reading

Cramer Explains How to Mod an XBox with Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the study of the relationship between energy and matter. It provides us with accurate descriptions for many previously unexplained phenomena such as black body radiation and stable electron orbits.

But quantum mechanics is a desperately crazy and interesting science that contains several preposterous sounding theories that are surprisingly being proven correct day by day. I’ll touch briefly on some of these. Continue reading

Cramer Explains Why Metal Feels Cold

Nature is a whore. It likes to spread itself all around until it’s been everywhere. Most everything in nature seeks a balance, a point where it is evenly distributed. The greater the disequilibrium, the more it tries to even the score.

The water on the Earth is constantly seeking a common level. This causes the formation of rivers and streams to channel the water from high to low. The more water there is upstream, the more the rivers will flow. Electrons seek a common level as well. Whenever there is a pool of electrons, you can be sure that they are trying to disperse themselves and when they do, you get an electric current. The more electrons you have in one spot, the greater the electric current will be when they disperse. Heat is the same way, constantly trying to even itself out. The greater the source of heat, the quicker the heat will transfer itself to somewhere colder. Continue reading