The Old Soul

Flickers of meaning shimmer on the surface of uncertainty while the air thickens with anticipation beneath a swirling sky. Time accelerates towards an end but hints at a new beginning. An old soul is watching, hoping, praying for respite. Saturation drains, existence spreads thin, memories fade. It’s been so long that seconds, days, and years have become the same. Transient flames pass by and form a soft, warm glow that highlights flecks of color on the background of life.

Now everything is still. Even nature holds its breath. The summit has been reached. Order creeps out of chaos as heat is restored to the flames of eternity. A new dawn evaporates the pools of uncertainty and releases the meaning of life while the air becomes crisp with the clarity of knowledge under a new endless horizon. Life, once ended, begins again. A new day comes but the wind still carries with it the scent of yesterday. The old soul, now in a new body, looks around and sighs, “Here we go again.”


Author’s Explanation

I’ve always hated when someone writes stuff like the above and then says that it could mean whatever you want it to mean – that’s crap! They obviously had something in mind and they should explain themselves. So, here is my explanation:

We’ve all heard of the term “old soul” before, right? Someone, often young, seems knowledgeable beyond their years – almost as if they have been reincarnated a time or two. The Old Soul is about a soul that has been around so very long, and it is tired and wary and longing for oblivion. In fact, it is so old that it has made it to the end of the universe, but then the poor old bugger finds that it has been reborn into a brand new one.

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